the experience

ki (n. pref. Japanese) pure; undiluted; raw

At ki, chefs prepare dishes in both the hot kitchen and at our sushi bar. Choose the environment and cuisine that suits your pleasure.

Dishes are meant to be shared, with a sensation of flavours brought steadily to the table throughout the meal. The experience flows and the enjoyment unfolds - a fresh take on the Japanese style of leisurely eating and drinking with friends.

the building

ki is proud to be located in Brookfield Place, one of Toronto’s architectural landmarks in the downtown financial district. Completed in 1992 and designed by Bregman + Hamann Architects, Brookfield Place is actually a complex of 2 modern towers, the TD Canada Trust Tower and the Bay Wellington Tower.

The towers are connected by a graceful atrium of soaring parabolic shapes, a public space called the Allen Lambert Galleria, an award-winning design by Santiago Calatrava. This ‘crystal cathedral of commerce’ often hosts prominent exhibitions and special events.

Facing into the Galleria are important heritage buildings restored and ‘folded’ into Brookfield Place’s design, including a beautiful 1885 Bank of Montreal branch, now the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the façade of the 1890’s-era Merchants’ Bank building.

ki’s serene, modern design, fostering both social and private moments, works with Brookfield Place’s public and commercial spaces: a complementary respite in Toronto’s financial core.

quick facts

  • We are located a 5 minute walk from the Scotiabank Arena, the perfect location for a pre-game or concert dinner, cocktails afterwards.
    • While there is no formal dress code, guests will be more comfortable in casually elegant or business attire. We do ask that shorts not be worn in the dining room.
    • We make every effort to accommodate the dietary restrictions of any guest.
    • Children are very welcome guests in our dining rooms, but our bar area is intended for adults only.
    • ki is fully wheelchair accessible.