Sake and Sushi, Featuring Shichida Sake

Sake and Sushi, Featuring Shichida Sake

Several new sake are available at ki for a limited time.  Two of them, the Shichida Junmai and Junmai Ginjo, hail from the southern satellite island of Kyushu.  These sakes are incredibly versatile and are perfect with sushi, kushiyaki, tempura or any other dish from ki's extensive menu.

Saga Prefecture’s Tenzan Sake Brewery was established in 1875 by Toshiba Shichida on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu.   The brewery is owned by the Shichida family which originally founded a water mill near Mount Tenzan in the 1860’s and produced some of the best somen noodles in Japan back then.  At some point in the early1870s they began to focus on crafting sake when they purchased their neighbours brewery and equipment.  In the 1930’s, the brewery’s name was Shichida Honten before it was changed to Tenzan Sake Brewery 1959.  At this time, the third generation President founded the Tenzan Agricultural University near the brewery.  Consequently, using the best quality rice to brew their sake has been a focus.  To this day, working closely with the farmers is a focal point for the brewery, and the kura uses local Saga rice strains such as Saganohana, Yamada Nishiki, and Reihou in their sake.  

Apart from high quality local rice, Tenzan uses the medium-hard spring water from Mt. Tenzan which flows right past the front of the brewery.  This water source shares the honours of one of the ‘Top 100 Clean Water Sources’ of Japan with such esteemed water sources as Kyoto’s Fushimi mizu. In fact, the brewery’s in an enviable position for a sake brewer: bookended by this impeccable water and the rice fields located on the plains of Saga.


Shichida Junmai Ginjo

This sake combines the sweet aroma of white flowers and white peaches. The soft sweetness of peaches lingers on the palate,  followed by a refreshing acidity and a sweet , long finish with full of “Umami”

Type: Junmai ginjo

Rice Varietal: Local Yamadanishiki , Saganohana

Rice Milling Rate: 55%

Alcohol: 16%

SMV: +1

Acidity: 1.6


Shchida Junmai

This sake has a calming, sweet aroma ,  reminiscent of honey , as well as refreshing aroma of green apple. A refined, mild acidity completes the palate.

Type: Junmai

Rice Varietal: Local Yamadanishiki, Reihou

Rice Milling Rate: 65%

Alcohol: 17%

SMV: +2

Acidity: 1.8