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Bottle Shop Recommendations

Highlights from our Bottle Shop

Yup, we are offering some rare and exclusive sakes and winesfrom our award-winning beverage list!  Whether you want to have your own private sake party for two or pair the perfect drink with dinner, we have a lot of great and unique options!


Japanese Sake

Miyasaka Jozo "Masumi" Karakuchi Ki-Ippon Junmai Ginjo

From: Nagano Prefecture

720ml   /    96


Okunomatsu "Sakura" Daiginjo

From: Fukushima Prefecture 

300ml   /   50


Tatenokawa "Phoenix" Junmai Daiginjo

From: Yamagata Prefecture

720ml   /    125


Makino Shuzo "Osakuzuki" Gorilla Macho Kimoto Junmai

From: Gunma Prefecture

720ml   /   105


Mitobe Shuzo "Yamagata Masamune" Junmai Ginjo Usu Nigori

From ...

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